About the Digital Logistics Manager
Commerce DLM: Electronic Commerce

Digital Logisitics Manager has all the tools to provide a complete range of e-commerce solutions: web stores, payment gateways and online shopping carts. DLM provides everything you need to build and market your online business. The whole solution is completely customisable both in terms of design and layout and in terms of how you market and present your products.


CommerceDLM was designed to be managed by non-technical staff. One person with no HTML or programming skills can easily manage multiple Internet storefronts. For high volume ecommerce sites, CommerceDLM enables a team to work together to share the load. Even sophisticated product placement and promotion can be managed without technical skills.
With CommerceDLM, you'll find selling online can be an incredibly easy process. Manage a virtual warehouse of products, and integrate with your stock control system to only list those that you have available. Accept pre-orders for those you will have in stock soon. Every product type  has user-defineable attributes (size, color, format, weight, etc.) to enable you to let your users find them easily by searching, or browsing. 
Once your products are online, the ecommerce system makes ordering them easy for your clients, and fulfilling those orders easy for you. CommerceDLM integrates with the major credit card processing systems and implements the latest fraud prevention techniques. Your customers can be kept informed of order progress by having full access to view orders online including the ability to reprint receipts and invoices. They can also receive updates by custom emails, sent at the point of the process that you define.

Discover the features of Commerce DLM
Ethical Marketing
Flexible Newsletter Management

Users may register to receive newsletters from your shop at any time. Opt out registration can be set by default at the point of check-out.

Newsletters are designed to use the look and feel of shop. The creation of newsletters does not require any prior HTML experience, all is managed through the CommerceDLM interface.

Any shop product may be listed in the newsletter, along with its image, description and up-to-date price information.

Newsletters may be saved and sent at a later date/time if required.

Reports show how many customers have read the newsletter and help track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Intelligent Catalogue Management
Comprehensive Catalogue Management

CommerceDLM enables the user to manage an almost unlimited number of products and all their associated information including: prices; product images (multiple sizes per product available); description; categorisation; stock; etc.

Additional customised fields can be created and product categories are also directly managed by the administrator to give complete control over product information.


Increase conversion by easily categorising and merchandising products for maximum sales.

Easy Product Import & Bulk Updates

Products can be imported into the shop using the CommerceDLM Manager. The process enables the importing of new products as well as updating the information of the existing ones from a range of file types such as: comma-separated; tab-delimited; Excel spreadsheet; etc.


Automatic feed of products from FTP locations can be integrated.


Fast and easy migration of products using CommerceDLM. Allows easy updating of product prices, descriptions and any customised fields created by the administrator.

Dynamic Image Manager

Automatic generation of images at predefined sizes from a single master image.


Cost and time-effective upload of images.

Management of Sub Products

DLM gives you the ability to easily and flexibly manipulate product information and create variations from products based on criteria such as colour or size (customised field).

Presentation of these products to the customers in the shop with all the different options (e.g. colour) in a single page and without the necessity of browsing through several products on the site.

Increase sales by helping customers find products easily and then offering/highlighting multiple size or colour options etc.

Dynamic Stock Level Information

CommerceDLM offers the ability to display a customised message wherever a product is displayed on the shop according to its stock level.


Encourage prompt purchase and inform customer of the current availability status of the product.

Intuitive Analytics
See Who's Online

CommerceDLM provides the means for real time supervision of the customers who are online. The functionality extends to display the precise pages that each customer is visiting, thus allowing to identify the location of the sites that draw the biggest attention and potentially the biggest revenue at a specific moment in time.


Shop Reports

Our reporting tools provide easy access to key metrics, and real-time summary of key shop performance data such as most popular products, average sales by date or transaction. Bespoke reports can also be created on request.

Accurate information/feedback on the shop’s performance enables you to compare with historical information or gauge the results of new promotional campaigns.

Third part Analytics Integration

CommerceDLM believes understanding the performance of your online store is critical and requires best-of-breed analytics tools from industry specialists. Consequently, CommerceDLM can be integrated quickly and easily with most major analytics platforms.


Optimise the performance of your shop with information from the best and most comprehensive analytics tools in the industry (including no-charge tools such as Google Analytics).

Powerful eCommerce
Multi-Shop Manager

Run multiple independent or related online shops on a single CommerceDLM implementation. Each shop can have its own unique URL, look and feel, products and images, pricing, promotions, checkout options, affiliates etc, all powered from the same virtual warehouse of products.

There are different shop types that can be setup with a single CommerceDLM implementation, amongst others the eCommerce shop (B2C), Trade shop (B2B) and eBay shop (C2C).

Increase traffic, affinity and sales by operating multiple stores each customised for specific products, brands, customer segments, geographies etc.

eBay Integration Module

List products from your CommerceDLM virtual warehouse on eBay with images, prices, description customised for your eBay store or taken directly from your CommerceDLM shop.


All prices, images, stock figures can be maintained separately from normal CommerceDLM stock to allow better segmentation of markets. All major eBay listing types are supported including Basic Auction, Dutch Auction, Buy It Now, or eBay Store.

The eBay module also includes its own secure checkout, using SSL 128-bit encryption, to allow auction winners to pay by Credit/Debit cards, BACS, Cheque or Postal Orders. All currently opened auctions can be managed through the CommerceDLM Administration Suite. Your ADL administration suite updates automatically when the item is won and/or paid for. Automatic email notifications are sent to customers if auction payment by cheque or postal order is overdue.

Using eBay stores to increase Web presence and boost revenues.

Trade Shop & Customers Management (B2B)

CommerceDLM enables the creation of trade shops (compatible with the B2B model) fully integrated with a trade customer's details and approval process. This model provides means to define credit limits and checkout payment using either credit cards or an account with predefined credit limit for each individual customer.

The model is enhanced with comprehensive email communication to both the administrator and the client, thus keeping all involved aware of the current status and system events (these include amongst others, informing the customer of their approval and credit limit, when their purchases have reached that limit and notifying the administrator when a new trade customer has applied for a trade status).

Additional reporting is also incorporated to reflect the revenue statistics from the trade shop.


Access restrictions on the front-end shop allow free product browsing while only allowing to process to checkout to only the pre-approved trade customers.


Flexible management of trade customer communication and approval through the  CommerceDLM console greatly reduces cost and time. At the same time suitable shop access restrictions enable the advertising of business opportunities to potential business partners while facilitating an easy and quick checkout process for the existed trade clients.


Comprehensive reporting allows the identification of the most loyal customers and the most successful and profitable business partnerships, thus prompting for further business deals to be made with the specific clients.

Discount and Multi-Quantity Pricing

Highly flexible, easily configured discounts such as fixed price discount and percent discount can be applied to individual product or entire categories. They can be limited (e.g. time interval, quantity, specific items etc.) and are configured graphically with no coding required. More complex or specific discount actions may be coded.

Fixed price discounts or percent discounts may be assigned to different levels of order quantity (e.g. 5% discount on 5 – 10 items; 10% discount on 10-15 items; 15% discount on over 15).

Increase sales or move close-out merchandise with targeted promotions. Easy-to-use discount editor enables non-technical marketing or merchandising staff to create, test and edit discounts without technical assistance.

Encourage higher order quantities or reward high-quantity shoppers with quantity-based price discounts.

Discount Vouchers

Customers may enter a voucher code in order to receive a discount; voucher codes may be used just once (promotional discount voucher) of multiple times for a limited period of time set by the administration of the site (loyalty discount voucher).

Generate excitement and increase sales with vouchers.

Track the effectiveness of specific marketing campaigns.

Smart Distribution/Publishing
Shop Menu

Flexibly define the menu items that are displayed in your shops. This functionality enables you to create as many sub-levels as required and choose where each menu item links to within the shop.

Comprehensive shop menu manager to offer total control over menu and its categorisation.

Powerful Merchandising / Flexible Product Sorting

The layout of the products in your store is managed in the CommerceDLM in an easy and flexible way. The administrator can choose a vertical or horizontal orientation for the products presentation, group products as they want in order to market them together so that they appear within the same page and specify the number of products to display on each key category page.


The order of the displayed products can also be determined by the administrator using an easy drag and drop interface and sorted within the CommerceDLM console in a dynamic way. All templates used are designed to fit the look and feel of the site.

Increase creativity and tailor the shop’s layout to the customers' needs all from a single point with DLM's flexible and easy to manage merchandising engine.

Store Content Management

Pages such as Terms & Conditions, About us, etc are directly managed and updated by the administrator using the CommerceDLM text editor. No knowledge of HTML markup is required.


Images can also be uploaded to the text to increase user-friendliness and aesthetics of the page.

Emails Notification Management

CommerceDLM can send a range of notification emails to the customer during the transaction progress. The system enables the administrator to manage which emails are generated by the system, and where will be sent from and what subject the customer will see.


The powerful custom template layout system ensures that the content will be designed to mirror the shop's look and feel to help build a stronger brand identity.

Special Groups

Using CommerceDLM a site administrator has the capability to define and amend special groups of products such as: 'Top Sellers', 'Special Offers', 'Coming Soon' and so on.


The products that are included in these groups and that are presented in the site can be dynamically generated using specified criteria or manually selected by the administrator.

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