About the Digital Logistics Manager
The DLM for Human Resources and Recruitment Channel

Designed around the business processes of recruitment agencies and in-house HR departments, eleventeenth’s web-based recruitment and HR platform, ResourceDLM, provides companies with an economic, efficient and cutting-edge means of managing people.


ResourceDLM (Digital Logistics Manager) is the newest and most comprehensive people management solution from eleventeenth, a development of its award winning extPonent recruitment application.


It brings together a professionally designed website, integrated with a multifunctional database, and a range of features diverse enough to cater for the most demanding of businesses. Not only does the system provide expertise and automation with its intuitive interface, but eleventeenth offers a highly configurable application that enables you to tailor ResourceDLM to your specific requirements without added expense.


The system facilitates effective management of data (from CVs to performance review documents to pictures) as well as providing website content management, a direct email marketing system, and the ability for you to process and validate your time sheets, on line.


Provided under the ascendant SaaS (software as a service) model, ResourceDLM gives your workforce the versatility to work from home, a clients offices or even from a hotel room if work demands it.


For recruiters, ResourceDLM is a complete system to meet the individual requirements of both permanent and temporary recruiters.  It is designed to reduce the time that recruitment consultants and managers spent on day to day administrative tasks, so that they can focus on managing their clients and placing candidates.


For HR teams, the software enables HR managers and directors to assess and monitor performance of existing staff, to maintain service levels and ensure continued growth.


eleventeenth’s fee includes a website design service, hosting, support and maintenance and full system training along with a five user licence and a dedicated channel manager to guide and advise at each step of the way.


For all recruiters and HR teams, new or established, ResourceDLM offers a flexible and adaptable service that will suit your needs and budget:

  • Customised recruitment and HR platform 
  • Greater efficiency 
  • Improved productivity 
  • Faster placements 
  • Improved monitoring of performance 
  • Increased profits 

Discover the features of Resource DLM
Administration Features
Job posting
ResourceDLM’s automation has made posting vacancies to a job board even easier. Simply by selecting the vacancies in ResourceDLM enables the consultant to automatically post individual or multiple vacancies at any time without having to re-key any vacancy details.
Online support
Support is available during office hours for technical help and assistance.
User permissions
The user permissions featured in ResourceDLM, enable managing directors to control the user view visible to their consultants and distribute website traffic efficiently to all staff.
Configurable home page and database
ResourceDLM enables administrators to configure the data held against vacancies and clients, from skills and locations to daily activities.
Consultant Specific Homepage
Administration suite homepages are configured to present information as required by each individual consultant, so that they may decide how they wish their priorities to be displayed.
Advertising/Sponsorship Commercial Model Features
Micro-site builder
ResourceDLM’s built in website content management allows the recruiter to create a mini website within their site to promote specific clients and view information and vacancies in the clients corporate branding.
Testimonial banners
Testimonials can be controlled stored and displayed via date range on the website, as a striking graphic or administrable content.
Branded featured vacancies
Add you client’s logo/branding to their vacancy to display on your website by simply attaching the image in the back office.
Email Marketing
Marketing through ResourceDLM enables the consultant to send one or many emails to any contact within the database. By heading a newsletter with your company logo you can use this feature to send out a branded promotion or a candidate registration incentive. Client will be able to edit individually or generate and send in volume.
Vacancy Newsletter
ResourceDLM will enable Client to send all candidates weekly newsletters displaying all relevant jobs automatically matched to each candidate.
Content Management Tools
Recruitment Website Content Management
Basic site content
  • Creating, editing and adding content to website pages
  • Ability to upload imagery and text manipulation

Advanced Administration
  • Ability to upload banner advertisements
  • Micro-site links
  • Testimonial graphics
  • News story display
Relationship Management Tools
Cross reference
Associating a candidate record with a client or vacancy or vice versa, is paramount when building a comprehensive audit trail. ResourceDLM allows the consultant to link one or all parties via a single activity or task and log that activity in each specified area.
Audit trails
ResourceDLM records each activity performed by the consulting team to ensure traceable tasks can be found retrieved and viewed. An audit log is generated with every activity created and completed within ResourceDLM that cross references candidates, clients and vacancies automatically.
Activity templates
ResourceDLM’s template builder for emails, SMSs and printable documents, will enable Clients to build, categorise and retrieve templates for communication with clients and candidates. By including template tags, Clients can mail merge the recipients and tailor the correspondence to create a more personal message.
Temporary Placement charge rate calculation
National insurance, Working Time Directive, profit margins even holidays are calculated automatically when creating a temporary vacancy.
Temp vacancy management
Manage all bookings, forecasting and timesheets from a customisable home page
Website Features
Job search and select
Enable your candidates to search your database for vacancies suited to them and apply online to positions they are interested in.
Fully integrated website and back office
As a fully integrated recruitment website and database, ResourceDLM will store all candidate, client and consultant activities all in one accessible application interface. This enables consultants to manage vacancies and import them to the website without duplicating the data and enables candidates to register online directly into the candidate database only on validation by a consultant.
Online candidate profile creation (customised forms)
This feature encourages your potential candidates to register their contact details with you via your website. Once a profile has been created it is directed to an appropriate consultants homepage to await validation. Should you wish to work with this candidate to assist with finding them suitable employment, they will be able to maintain contact through the website to update you with new CV’s etc
Featured Jobs
Putting a flag against a new job in ResourceDLM moves the vacancy into a more prominent section on your website which is on a rotational display, so every time your candidates visit your site your selected vacancies will be instantly visible.
Client enquiry
Enable your clients to send you a brief message and job spec that will be stored within your database via your website, quick, easy and hassle free way to pick up more vacancies.
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