About the Digital Logistics Manager
Content Publishing

The Digital Logistics Manager has powerful content publishing features. It can be used as the content management system behind a website, and enables multiple contributors to enter content, and for specific editors to approve and publish it.


As an email marketing system, it can take items from the website and include them in a graphical email newsletter that can be sent to all, or to selected, members of your user database.

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Intuitive Analytics
Usage Statistics
eleventeenth provides powerful and flexible site usage analytics for every website or application we host.
Relationship Management Tools
Email Newsletters

Upon registration visitors can opt to receive email communications from you.

Using email templates styled to reflect your branding members of your team can build e-newsletters comprising newsletter-specific content and items from your website.


Email newsletters can be tailored for and targeted at specific sections of your users, profiled by user type.

Secure Sections
Pages within your website can be restricted to member only access. Members might include your staff, partners or privileged customers.

Restricting access to specific features, such as polls, surveys, forums and competitions can be a successful way to encourage visitors to register their details with you. This enables you to strengthen the customer relationship.

Access is secured via the username and password entered at registration, or generated during upload. Forgotten passwords can be retrieved via email.
Online Polls

Polls gather a quick opinion of registered users. A poll consists of a question, followed by a list of choices for the registered user to vote for. One vote can be submitted per registered user.

Each poll has an 'on site' date range which determines when the poll appears on the site and when its results should be automatically removed (if applicable). Additionally each poll has a voting period which determines when votes can take place.


Results can be displayed online by number of, or percentage of, respondents.

User Surveys
A survey consists of a series of questions that you can configure, with responses possible as free text, single or multiple select, or a range response.

Surveys can be opened to all users, or restricted to registered users or be open by invitation only. Results can be analysed by respondent or question.
Smart Distribution/Publishing
Contact Management

Contact information can be stored within DLM.

Existing contacts can be uploaded into a registration form, which is created and managed in the administration suite. The form can consist of:

  • free text fields
  • single-select from a dropdown list
  • multi-select from a dropdown list
  • radio button choices
  • checkbox options.
Contact details can also be exported from DLM for off-line purposes.

If desired, registered users can be given access to maintain their own contact details.

Direct Content Control
Pages can hold a body of text, styled from options consistent with the website design.  

This body of text can include hyperlinks to documents and email addresses, or to pages within your website and to pages in external websites.

Images can easily be placed within the body of text, aligned as required.
Powerful List Control
List pages include an introduction section, managed in the same way as a standard page.

The page then presents a list of items, such as news articles, events, case studies, biographies, products, services or partner links. The possibilities are endless.

The presentation of the list can include a date, an image, a title and even a brief introduction. By clicking on an item in the list visitors will be taken to a page dedicated to that item, e.g. the full news article, or the event information.

Each item is made up of a title, a brief introduction and full description. Additional information can also be applied depending on the type of list, such as dates and categories.

The full description can include hyperlinks to documents, to email addresses, to pages within your website and to pages in external websites.

Each item has an 'on site' date range, which determines when the item appears on the website, and when it should be automatically removed (if applicable).

Items can have multiple images and files uploaded to them.
Manage Images, Video and Files

The system automatically resizes and compresses images for web display.  

All files are presented by their format icons and open in their respective applications, e.g. Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word or Excel.

Configurable Forms
Online enquiry forms, e.g. requests for further information, can be created to automatically submit the completed content of the form to specified email addresses.
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