Cumbria Police Deploys Resource DLM

16 Nov 2008

eleventeenth's Police Skills audit application selected by police force

16 Nov 2008 - Wakefield, Yorkshire. UK: Ever since Britain was selected to host the 2012 Olympics, the government has urged the emergency services to analyse the resources at their disposal, and also to assess how they may cope with security surrounding this prestigious event. As a result, a request was issued from the Police National Information Co-ordination Centre (PNICC) to all UK Police Forces and Counter Terrorist Intelligence Units requesting an audit of all skills associated with officers and staff members. PNICC wishes to keep this information up to date throughout the run-up to the Olympics, and beyond.

Cumbria Constabulary, like many others, saw the value of aggregating this data in one area yet realised this exercise could potentially be a huge drain on resources to complete by the deadline.


Chief Inspector Justin Bibby invited eleventeenth to Cumbria Constabulary's headquarters to find out if the company could provide a solution to alleviate some of the pain surrounding this project. After a demonstration of the system, Chief Inspector Bibby quickly recognised that eleventeenth's Resource DLM System fit the bill (pun intended).


As with any application designed to aggregate volumes of data swiftly, it was vital that the Resource DLM Police Skills system was easy to use. It should also be rapidly deployed at a cost that could be justified by the return on investment. Because RDLM Police Skills is a custom built solution, eleventeenth could ensure that all of these criteria were met.


eleventeenth deployed Cumbria's Police Skills application in October 2008. Full training was provided to a classroom of potential users, and during this session a number of feature enhancements were identified. RDLM Police Skills has been tasked by Cumbria not only to collate and submit a PNICC return, but also to increase the data integrity of staff records that will be used in future to populate the force's HR software. Within seven days of the application being launched, Cumbria had collated a 75% return of officer and staff skills with very little manual intervention.


Chief Inspector Bibby remarked to eleventeenth that both he and the IT department continued to be shocked at how fast support requests were addressed and responded to. Whether it was a change in system or simply user training, issues were all resolved within a matter of minutes.


eleventeenth has established a great relationship with the Cumbria Constabulary and as a result, has been asked to look at other projects it may be able to assist the force with in the future. Watch this space!

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