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FuelMyBlog is a spam free community exclusively for bloggers. Bloggers can register with the site, and then submit their blogs for inclusion in the categorised directory for blogs. Every blog is reviewed by a human before being accepted to prevent undesirable content.

Users gain access to new readers for their blogs, fresh conversation on the FuelMyBlog forums, help and advice from other bloggers and the chance to test products and win prizes.

FuelMyBlog's Requirement

Initially FueMyBlog was no more than a sample single page blog directory, inspired in part by the "Million Dollar Homepage" concept. The management team wanted to extend their early rough implementation of the site into a proof of concept that could enable them to present for potential investors. This required some visual enhancements and a few feature improvements to the original basic concept.

Once investment was secured, FuelMyBlog wanted the site moving onto an extensible platform and to initiate a series of feature enhancements that would increase the community aspects of the site, and create opportunities for revenue generation.


eleventeenth's Solution

eleventeenth initially worked with FuelMyBlog's php application to improve the site cosmetically, and improve its load times and stability, and implemented some basic feature enhancements. This work was extremely tactical and was completed in a very tight time frame.

For the second phase of development, FuelMyBlog was moved onto the Digital Logistics Manager Application platform. DLM's user management system better enabled them to manage their thousands of registered users and offer them the flexibility to increase that number and add more functionality as the site grows.

Bespoke blog management features were added to ContentDLM in order to manage this community of bloggers who would like to promote their blogs in a friendly yet secure environment. Thanks to the DLM tools, FMB enables users to register multiple blogs with FuelMyblog.

Each time a new blog is registered, it is then reviewed by the FMB team, to prevent spamming or offensive content being promoted to the community. The FuelMyBlog team can approve and categorise a blog easily, thanks to an intuitive administration console where every change is reflected immediately on the website: as soon as blog is approved by the team.

FuelMyBlog has a voting system that enables site visitors to give blogs they have discovered through FuelMyBlog the thumbs up (fueling) or thumbs down (snuffing). Each category then has a "top blogs" chart and one blog is selected as the blog of the day. Voting is managed using the DLM administration console to prevent any abusive comments. Each user can view the votes they have received daily or since they registered on FuelMyBlog.

As well as voting for blogs individually, users can also communicate with other bloggers and the FuelMyBlog team using the DLM Friends feature and the site forums. Users' friends can be viewed via a widget that they can place on their blog.

FuelMyBog also has a product sampling feature that enables manufacturers  and marketing companies to place their product with targetted bloggers to encourage them to give their unbiased and objective opinions on the product.

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