Case Studies
Ed Balls

Ed Balls was elected Labour and Co-operative MP for the Normanton constituency on 5 May 2005. He was appointed Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families in June 2007 and was previously Economic Secretary to the Treasury.

An active member of the TGWU, Unison and the Co-operative Party, before his election to Parliament he was proud to be in public service as Economic Adviser to Gordon Brown MP and Chief Economic Adviser to the Treasury.

Ed's Requirement

When we first began to work with Ed Balls, he was a prospective member of parliament seeking election in a seat where a well known and well loved MP was retiring. Ed wanted a website that would help his constituents get to know him quickly. It was important to Ed for the design to be modern and clean, and for him to be seen as current and forward thinking while still in touch with his constituents. 


Ed was aware that, at the time, many of the elected representatives of our country were not making the most of the Internet as a medium to engage with their constituents. He wanted a site that would enable people to find out about him, and his position on key affairs and policies.


He wanted to be able to use the site as a way of communicating with his constituents and also to gauge their feelings on important matters. He also wanted to use the site to report on his activities as an MP  to show that he was working diligently in the interests of his constituents; and later, as Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, for the country as a whole.


eleventeenth's Solution

eleventeenth deployed Content DLM to enable Ed to easily update the content of his site, or for his assistants to prepare copy which Ed could approve prior to publication. The site is designed to give visitors easy access to the many speeches Ed gives, and articles he publishes. These are then further categorised to enable constituents in different parts of his ward to find content specific to the issues that most interest them.

Later we redesigned the site to enable Ed's team to include Flicker images, Google maps and YouTube videos, and twitter updates.

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