About Us

eleventeenth brings a combination of experience and enthusiasm to the process of developing internet applications and websites. Our team is dedicated to producing world class solutions to your business challenges.


eleventeenth designs and develops outstanding technical software solutions, whether it be a fully integrated customer relationship management system, or an email marketing solution. We produce systems that deliver benefits to your business, while remaining easy for you and your clients to use.


We focus on the requirements of the user as the main driver for every project. We work with you to define and understand what you need, and what your users need, be they your employees, or your clients. We help you define opportunities, and create systems to help you exploit them. We do this, primarily, because we enjoy it, and we want you to enjoy working with us.


We aim to understand what you need, and to provide it for an agreed fee, within an agreed timescale. All the time keeping you informed via a friendly communicative and reliable project manager.

Our Clients
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eleventeenth works with a range of clients...

...from international corporations to small local start ups and non profits. We have solutions that are flexible enough to meet the needs of the largest companies, and the budgets of those that are not so large...

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We work hard for our clients because we want them to be successful. It's nice to know that many of them appreciate this. Here's what a few have said about us.
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