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Digital Asset Management
Smart Distribution/Publishing
Homepage Dashboard

The latest asset additions, press releases and forthcoming product launch dates are presented on the user's personal homepage dashboard each time they log on to the system. This give your users immediate visibility on what’s new and what’s important.

A “featured product” can present an automated selection of prominent, forthcoming SKUs from titles you have flagged as important. Saving your staff the headache of micro-managing the home page while keeping it lively and current, products are automatically removed shortly after launch.

Product Listings
We can deliver an A-Z listing that shows all of your products or a selection - based on each product’s release date. This enables you to choose to have a complete catalogue A-Z, a current product A-Z or even two separate listings presenting current and back-catalogue.

The release schedule presents forthcoming and recently released products sorted by release date.

Other listings can be configured to group products by categories (e.g. platform, media or language). For example, a drop-down filter for each category can dynamically refresh the page to show products matching only the selected category.
Detailed Product Information

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is the focus of AssetDLM. The product page carries all of the assets that are available for that product to the user viewing the page.

Grouped into distinct types, such as box artwork, concept artwork, document, logos and product images, users can “shop” for assets and add them to their download lists or opt to immediately download any available asset.

Image assets are presented as a preview, with filters possible by file type, image size and publication date to show assets matching only the chosen filter.

Complementing the assets are descriptive product information, product features, barcode and catalogue number and suggested pricing, along with any related products and press releases.

Press Releases

The latest press releases can have supporting image and file assets uploaded against them and link to any related product and item listings, giving users a route to all associated assets while your press release remains clean and informative.

Information Lists and Pages

To present supporting information such as brands, licensees, manufacturers, studios, merchandise and corporate offices or contacts, you can have any number of additional item lists.

Each item can have associated assets, and can be linked to from products and press releases so that the information is only held in one place but is easily linked to from every page relating to it, giving all users consistent access to this information.

Asset Download Basket
As users collect asset for download, they're added to an asset basket. The asset download page shows them a total of the chosen assets' sizes, along with a handy guide to download time against common Internet connection types. The asset download page is the last step before submitting the assets for "packaging". Here the files are collected into an archive, and an email is sent to the user with a unique download key. A list of the five most recent download package requests is also listed, showing the current status along with an option to re-download if still available.
Administration Features
Release Schedule

Ease the burden of managing your product launch dates by managing them all via a single screen. Don’t want to advertise an exact date? Asset DLM allows you to publish partial dates – month and year, year or even season, quarter or a configured holiday period.

Flexible Control

Each deployment is configured with a structure that mirrors the way you organise your information, streamlining the management process.


Each type of asset can be set up with its own fields to hold extra information, such as captions, descriptions or technical data.

Previews of image assets are automatically created, with support for over 30 image file formats. Non-image files are identified by an easily recognised icon.

Flexible User Registration
The user registration form is configurable, meaning that you can collect the most appropriate details from your audience. From simple text fields to inter-related option lists, each user’s registration notification can be routed to different site administrators based on the options they select.
Intelligent Catalogue Management
Powerful Search
As your catalogue grows, the site search engine makes finding products and press releases much easier. As a global search, it returns any matching product, press release or information list item.
Intuitive Analytics
Download Reporting

Reporting provides feedback on the success of marketing and PR activities on key products and assets. It helps you to easily monitor download traffic by date, product, asset type and user and to identify areas of interest by product, over time.

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