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MWB Business Exchange

MWB Business Exchange Plc is the UK's second largest provider of serviced office space. The company was originally established by the Marylebone Warwick Balfour Group Plc in 1996 through the acquisition of five serviced office centres.

Over the following decade the business expanded significantly, and by the time of its AIM listing in December 2005 MWB Business Exchange Plc operated of over 1,500,000 sq ft of office, meeting and conference room space across the UK.

Today, Business Exchange operates over 50 centres throughout the UK providing more than 15,500 workstations and 250 meeting and conference rooms. The Company provides five-star serviced offices under the Business Exchange brand as well as regional mid-market offerings from City Executive Centres. Business Exchange is focussed on Greater London with a majority of its centres in larger prime West End and City buildings.

MWB's requirement

MWB needed a sophisticated system capable of integrating with a large number of different Barlcays ePDQ accounts. The purpose of the system was to allow MWB to bill customers for the room bookings and additional services and to charge a nominal fee in case of cancellation. The requirement in the first stage was that the system should be used by MWB's internal operatives to make bookings on behalf of clients.

Additionally, MWB wanted to be able to bill users for Wi-Fi time, provided by a third party, in their business centres.


eleventeenth's solution

We created a payment platform that integrated with MWB's internal financial and booking system, Events Perfect, in order to facilitate the management of payments for room bookings in their many centres. The application needed to be used by any of the centres at the same time, by different operators acting on behalf of MWB's many clients.

When a booking is made within the booking system, the application contacts eleventeenth's CommerceDLM payment platform module, which prepares the payment page to be displayed on the operators screen. The page is pre-populated with the details of the specific client being billed using their account data saved on the booking system. The operator can then enter the card details of the client as well as the billing address, or select pre-existing card details.

Once the details are complete, the form can be submitted to the Barclays ePDQ system, which returns whether the payment was successful or not. The application then contacts the MWB booking system and updates it accordingly.

As well as enabling the operator to process the payment, the form also enables them to:

  • Securely save the card details in the encrypted card database
  • Delete existing cards from the record of client being charged
  • Update details of existing cards for the client being charged

The system is designed to enable other sources to communicate with the payment platform as the number of business centres operated by MWB grows. The result is a sophisticated and flexible payment platform designed to help MWB grow its business dynamically.

In a second phase of work, eleventeenth was asked to upgrade the payment system so that it can be used by MWB's customers directly to pay for a Wi-Fi Internet connection when they are physically in one of MWB's business centres. The system had to be upgraded to include integration to Verified By Visa and Secure Code with Mastercard for each business centre's account.

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