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Veri-fy is an identity checking service run by Veri-fy Identity Ltd in partnership with the Post Office. Veri-fy forms have unique bar codes that are scanned into the Post Office's Horizon system, which also logs additional details that are entered by Post Office staff.

The Requirement

Veri-fy had a unique service proposition, but no way to make it a reality. They required a system that would enable them to manage user accounts. They required secured access to the system. They required a way of integrating with the Post Office's systems, despite these systems having no interface designed for the purpose of third party integration.


In order to function correctly, Veri-fy required the integration of the Post Office Horizon data with its internal client list. Collecting Horizon data from the Post Office is usually a manual process, however the Veri-fy service required automatic updates on a daily schedule.

Veri-fy also required the ability for clients to generate forms via a web-based system that would also allow those clients to view the details of the usage of their own forms.


Veri-fy also wanted a way of enabling customers to print forms bearing a unique bar code from their own printers, and a way of billing these clients automatically. Later, Veri-fy asked us to implement credit card payments to enable occasional usage customers to use the service without the need to open an account.


The Solution

eleventeenth used Digital Logistics Manager as a starting point for the Veri-fy on-line service. This approach enabled us to offer Veri-fy Identity the ability to create and edit content such as news, press releases and email newsletters and to manage the details of their clients.

Next, we developed bespoke systems that integrate with the Post Office's Horizon data collection system. Because this system does not present APIs for data extraction, we had to imitate the manual retrieval process. This relieved Veri-fy staff from the task of downloading and importing the daily data and provided a method of giving a timely update to users of the service. Reporting tools were also provided that enable Veri-fy staff to check for duplicate uses of forms.

eleventeenth also developed a system that manages bar code allocation to forms generated by Veri-fy clients through a secure web-based interface. Clients are able to generate forms individually or in batches of up to 100. The forms are delivered as PDF files that can be printed on the user's own printer, providing a quick turnaround for Veri-fy clients without the need to manage physical inventory.

All of these systems are available to Veri-fy staff and clients from any location in the world due to the use of web technologies.

eleventeenth provided Veri-fy Identity with an efficient and streamlined system that enables them to deliver a unique face-to-face identitiy verification service to their clients. These clients include over 170 CRB registered organisations that use the Veri-fy service to help ensure that children are not at risk from workers they come into contact with at home and at school.

Since launch in 2005, the Veri-fy service has been used to authenticate the identity of tens of thousands of individuals. All of those forms have been tracked through the online system, providing 100% visibility on form usage. Around 100 clients have generated forms through the web-based interface since its launch in June of 2006.

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